15 Years of NS Projects /

15 years ago to the day, Neill Stevens opened the doors to NS Projects. From what started as a single person business based in Perth, we are now proudly operating out of 4 offices around Australia (soon to be 5 – watch this space). We are a diverse team of 60 team members made up of full time, part time, casual and university students working in not only the Project and Development Management space, but also Property Advisory, Human Resources, Marketing and Branding, Finances and Administration. We truly believe that all of us are succeeding together and assisting one way or another on projects that help shape communities, tell stories and create places.

We are taking this month to recognise our achievements as a group as well as our Chairman’s, Neill Stevens.

We see a bright future for our company with intelligence, EQ, strategy, culture and careers at the forefront of our day to day operations, we look forward to continuing to create the legacy that is NS Projects.