ACP and combustible cladding remediation management /

With an experienced in-house team and a proven track record in aluminium composite panel [ACP] and combustible cladding remediation projects, NS Group works with clients across Australia to turn these from liabilities into valuable asset-enhancing opportunities.

Since the emergence of ACP and combustible cladding risks prompting compliance and safety issues, there are varying levels of understanding and a general confusion around what needs to be done, who needs to do it and how it will be managed.

Unfortunately, it is a critical issue affecting building types in various sectors – commercial/office, retail, residential, health, education, community, government and more – albeit with inherently different levels of risk and remediation effort required. Ultimately, the onus is on building/asset owners to ensure occupant and public safety – whilst balancing asset portfolio performance and value.

Important areas for project planning and delivery include:

  • Financing, insurance and liability
  • Safety and compliance
  • Communication and tenant obligations
  • Asset value management
  • Contractor/supplier selection
  • Project management and superintendency

See below for project examples and useful resources.

Partnering for success

As ACP remediation is still a relatively recent phenomenon there are a selected few who have demonstrated sufficient experience to be considered experts in the field.

The ability and willingness of industry professionals to consult in this space is also becoming a factor due to heightened risk-profiles and regulatory pressure being applied more broadly across the construction industry.

NS Group’s ongoing research and subject matter expertise have been crucial in assisting our clients across Australia as they face the complexities of ACP and cladding remediation projects.

Our detailed understanding and proven project experience means that our dedicated in-house team is well-placed to achieve the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

Over the years, we have developed a holistic, tailored approach to meet each client’s unique needs for their respective buildings and asset portfolios. Our strong industry links enable us to assemble the right delivery team to ensure project success.

Project Experience

Combustible cladding resources

ACP White Paper

NS Group has developed a comprehensive guide to help building and asset owners understand and navigate the complexities of ACP and cladding replacement or remediation works.

The ACP white paper, Combustible cladding and building materials: A guide for remediation management to enhance asset value, identifies critical elements for successful projects:

  • 12 key considerations for asset/building owners
  • An expert delivery team
  • A clear remediation action plan

Get in touch to get your copy of our ACP white paper.

ACP webinar series

NS Group has hosted a series of webinars on ACP and cladding remediation to share knowledge and provide additional insights from our team and leading industry experts across Australia. We highly recommend these webinars for asset owners and asset managers, as well as property and construction industry professionals.

Listen to previous ACP webinar recordings: