WA Has a New State Manager /

We are proud to announce that Anna Broughton has been appointed as our new State Manager for Western Australia.

Anna Broughton is an Associate Director, who started with NS Projects 11 years ago and we are absolutely delighted for her to now lead our WA state operations. This is a significant milestone in her career and it is really exciting that we could seamlessly promote internally for this new position. Anna is held in the highest regard by the team in WA, as she combines natural leadership qualities with an innovative and collaborative style. We are confident that Anna will successfully apply these attributes in leading the daily operations and combined with the full support and guidance of our Executive Management Team, she will maintain her strong presence on client projects.

Anna Broughton is a most welcome addition to our State Manager group, which consists of Shaun Oostryck (NSW), Paul Bosch (QLD) and Ben Watson (NT). We are proud of the past 15 years since the Company began and we now look forward to the future, thanks to a dynamic group leading our State operations. With the addition of Anna, we are better placed to enhance the quality of service to all our valued clients.