Adaptive Project Management /

With the speed of innovation and the new complexities that come with it, the role of a Project Manager is more relevant today than it has ever been. A good Project Manager should be able to help navigate through the complexity.
To ensure the successful delivery of projects, Project Managers need to adapt and evolve in order to stay ahead of the game.

At NS Group, we’re embracing this new future through three key initiatives:

  • NS:MI Management Intelligence
  • NS:EQ Emotional Intelligence
  • NS:PM How we operate beyond Adaptive Project Management

With an unwavering commitment to the quality of service we provide, we’ve spent time structuring our organisation to better support our clients whilst delivering our own strategic aspirations.

The quality of your service comes from the quality of your people, which is why we only hire and retain the best Project and Development Managers and Corporate support staff. We’re constantly developing innovative ways to deliver asset based business solutions.

It is through the application of the next evolution of Project Management, what we refer to as Evolving Project Management, where financial foresight, tactical insight and operational discipline is delivered.

This is supported through the refined application of ‘non-traditional’ qualities such as emotional intelligence, perceptive or cognitive mapping, empathy, cooperation, compassion and simply being attentive.