Evolving Project Management /

How we operate beyond Adaptive Project Management

NS:EQ Emotional Intelligence

The best Project Managers are ones that truly care about the outcomes – for the client, for the endearing benefits that the project brings to the community and for the reputation of their company.

We offer a diverse team of individuals who have worked on projects and for organisations all around the world. With this international experience ingrained in our team, we offer a broad and deep level of project experience, strategic thinking and commercial insight. It is through this unique blend of individual characters, being able to draw upon global experiences and finding people who truly care about what they do on a daily basis, that we inspire great outcomes.

We are always looking for quality people to join our company, especially those who can offer a new and fresh dimension to our diversity and therefore strengthen the overall team dynamic. We’re extremely proud to be referred to as one of the best places for building a career in Project Management, and we continue to offer development pathways to proactive students and graduates through our mentoring programme.

NS:MI Management Intelligence

We pride ourselves as being experts in our field; but you have to work hard to remain relevant in rapidly changing development environments.  We actively seek to reinforce our Management Intelligence by using the full potential of our digital information platforms and by ordering our knowledge base into an easily accessible/transferable format for our staff.

We encourage our staff to continually seek out opportunities that we provide to help grow professionally and personally. This develops a broader perspective of tacit knowledge, and to support this we also have a strong focus on explicit knowledge, which is framed around our Management Intelligence – NS.MI. Our Board commit annual funds specifically to this space, which our Innovation Group utilise to look for and drive change.

With our track record of delivering world-class projects across multiple sectors, we can draw upon enormous amounts of expertise, management and intellectual capital from within our organisation. This enables us to assist clients to confidently navigate through risk and complex issues as they arise on their projects.

With a desire to remain at the forefront of what is happening in our industry, we challenge ourselves to codify and utilise this knowledge to offer better solutions to our clients.