Greater Curtin

Project details /

  • Date: 2014 – onwards
  • Client: Curtin University
  • Sector: EducationUrban
  • Location: Curtin Bentley Campus, Perth
  • Value: $500 + million (Stage 1)

Description /

Through urban renewal, sustainable design and high quality public spaces, Curtin University is transforming its Bentley campus into a vibrant community hub. The Greater Curtin Master Plan enables innovation through education – research, teaching and learning, including partnerships that benefit government, industry and the broader community.

Our Role /

NS Group was given a multifaceted role as part of the Greater Curtin project - Curtin University’s response to the evolving world of higher education.

We provided project management assistance to the University through their commercial engagement with the market to develop, fund and operate a variety of asset classes for Stage One of the Greater Curtin project. This included numerous physical changes to its Bentley Campus including two major road and transport infrastructure projects that set the basis for the development.

Our multifaceted role has assisted in maintaining Curtin’s vision to create a vibrant community heart that embraces all of the things that make great cities around the world.

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